Individual Counseling

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Life can be difficult at times and we all may need some help navigating the journey at different points. Whether you feel stuck in your relationships, are recovering from trauma or abuse, suffering from anxiety or depression, or are struggling to manage transitions in your life, I feel my experience and compassion can help.

I enjoy working with clients who are seeking to reclaim their genuine true selves. I strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment as clients seek to transform the "trapped" imprint of the past. My approach is honest and direct, but also, gentle and compassionate. Every person has a story worth telling, and we seek to honor yours as we begin the journey together towards insight and understanding.

My approach to facilitating change, wellness, and personal growth is through the use of humanistic approaches to therapy. This includes the use of Gestalt techniques and Expressive Arts to help the client become more aware of automatic responses and deeper levels of emotion. From time to time I may also encourage “homework” assignments to help you become more aware of behaviors or to practice and master new skills or behaviors, but whether you choose to utilize these assignments is strictly up to you. The professional relationship will be built upon a foundation of trust; as such, we seek to create a safe environment for you to share, discover your most authentic self, and break free from dysfunctional interactional patterns.